Tyner Physical Therapy

One on one and hands on.

Tyner Physical Therapy 

Tyner Physical Therapy is dedicated to finding the cause of your pain and helping you meet your goals.

Dr. Meg Tyner will work with you to develop an integrated, individualized treatment plan; under direct and consistent supervision, Dr. Tyner will prescribe tailored exercises and personally oversee your workouts to get you back to full function.

Throughout your care at Tyner Physical Therapy treatment is strictly one on one and hands on for 45-60 minutes. That is more one-on-one time than industry standards!

If you are tired of sharing your physical therapy visits with other patients, or tired of personal trainers causing you injuries call 212-281-6412 or email Tyner Physical Therapy now to set up an appointment.

Any facility can tell you how to do your exercises but at Tyner Physical we show you how to do your exercises!

For more information, stop by, call or email Tyner Physical Therapy today!