Calvin Agran

Meet Calvin.

Calvin is a dedicated and passionate strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer with deep roots in the Tribeca neighborhood. Growing up in this vibrant community has given him a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life, a skill that he brings into every training session. With a warm and engaging personality, Calvin creates an environment where clients and athletes of all ages feel understood, motivated, and supported.

Whether you’re a young athlete eager to excel in your sport or an older individual looking to maintain mobility and strength, Calvin is committed to helping you achieve your goals. His approach is tailored to each client, recognizing that everyone’s journey towards health and performance is unique. He combines the latest in fitness science with a deep understanding of individual needs to design programs that are not only effective but also enjoyable and sustainable.

Calvin’s expertise extends across a wide range of disciplines, including sport-specific training, injury prevention, and functional fitness. As a lifelong athlete, Calvin played lacrosse in high school at Poly Prep. In college (Kenyon College), he chose to pursue track and field and still ranks in the top 10 all-time for the long jump, 60m, and 200m events. As an adult he continues to work on his own vertical jump and sprint speed. His holistic approach ensures that clients not only achieve their physical goals but also develop a lifelong appreciation for health and well-being. With Calvin, it’s not just about the results—it’s about the journey and the positive changes that come with it.

Dedicated to his own continuous learning, Calvin stays at the forefront of the fitness industry, ensuring that his methods are based on the most current research and best practices. His clients benefit from this dedication, enjoying personalized, innovative training plans that lead to real results.

Above all, Calvin believes in the power of fitness to transform lives. He knows firsthand the impact that a supportive, knowledgeable coach can have, and he strives to be that figure for each person he works with. In Tribeca and beyond, Calvin is not just a coach; he’s a trusted partner in your fitness journey, helping you to do your best so you can live your best life.

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