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September 2014 —
Are You Too Dependent on Your Workout Studio? Gene provides his insight on this topic in Shape magazine.

December 2012 —
The Alter-G treadmill allows injured runners to train weightlessly and healthy athletes to boost speed.

November 2012 —
Gene shares winter exercise tips that won’t cost you a cent!

September 2012 —
The New York Post asked Gene to weigh in on leading sports injuries, their causes and treatments.

August 2011 —
Gene takes you on a tour of ARC Athletics’ new Tribeca location profiled in the Tribeca Citizen.

March 2011 —
Men’s Journal’s The Complete Guide to Your Knee includes expert knowledge and insight from ARC’s Gene Schafer.

November 2009 —
Gene offers his insight for U.S. News & World report’s Kids’ Fitness Training Programs: 6 Tips for Picking a Good One.

October 2009 —
Katherine Hobson at U.S. News & World Report takes the Functional Movement Screen test at ARC Athletics.

2008 —
Gene and strength coach Tommy Sheehan talk about the efficiency and joint safety of using MTS resistance training bands.

April 2007 —
A veteran of sports training and performance enhancement, Gene Schafer is profiled by Columbia University Athletics.

May 2006 —
In the May 2006 issue of Women’s Health Magazine Gene discusses returning to exercise after taking time off.

April 2006 —
Who better to keep a Baby Boomer active than an athletic trainer with over 15 years of sports training experience!

November 2006 —
ARC Athletics helps Baby Boomers and Seniors stay fit and active in association with the AAOS and NATA.

September 2005 —
The Columbia Spectator spoke to Gene Schafer after he opened ARC Athletics in 2005.

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