“I just wanted to email you guys and say thanks for all your help over this past winter… We ended up having a pretty good season for the Heavyweight squad and I ended up making the U.S. Under 23 squad for the second year in a row and got to compete in Brest, Belarus at the Under 23 World Championships in late July. It was a great experience, and my back didn’t bother me at all! I learned a lot from you guys, especially about injury prevention, and made sure to tell the other guys on the team about ARC. I am going to be training to make the Senior U.S. squad this year in Oklahoma City where they have set up a training center specifically for guys right out of college.”

— Evan, client

“Our experience has been great. It’s sort of a combination of physiology and creative exercise techniques to encourage (my son’s) strength. It inspired him and I feel like it helps him with his running. We had tried other things, like acupuncture and tae kwon do, but this is more holistic in looking at how his body works. Us coming back has a lot to do with the really warm feeling, it feels very different than a typical gym or medical office.

— Amy, mother of 8 year old client

“I work in a building in midtown Manhattan that has a (big gym) in it… I went once and didn’t go back. It was too corporate, too slick, too many people at once. ARC is quiet, intimate and Gene has a gift.

— David, client

“I feel so much better. I was really falling apart when I first came here. I have neurological impairments that I really can’t do anything about, but ARC Athletics has kept me moving. As a teacher I used to move tables at school and would be in pain for 3 weeks, but now I’m not. We built ARC into our plan when we bought our new apartment nearby, it is such a part of our life now.”

— Fran, client

I am lucky I found ARC. After my third ACL reconstruction, I thought I’d never play basketball again. After 6 months with Gene at ARC Athletics, I was back to playing basketball twice a week; I had lost 10 pounds and felt better than I had before my last surgery. I’ll never be able to thank him enough for his help, guidance, and general positive attitude. Physically I have no idea where I’d be without him.”

— Miguel, client

“Gene Schafer is the best trainer I know. From foot injuries to quad issues to figuring out how to help me compete when he knows I won’t drop out at the end of a season… Not only will he go the distance in getting you a heat pack before a session or ice afterwards he’ll have an article for you on the last thing you talked about in the prior session. If you are looking for someone who goes beyond the Manhattan-style of ‘only what needs to get done,’ then Mean Gene is the only choice; and though he’s got that nickname, he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.”

— Evan Bass Zeisel, Member of Nike Central Park Track Club

“(My son) injured his knee about a year ago while playing soccer. He went to two physical therapists who treated the injury but not the muscles around it. He was replacing one injury with another, I was disappointed. I’m happy with the approach that he gets at ARC Athletics because it’s about total fitness. He has told other kids at school about ARC Athletics.”

— David, father of 12 year old client

“My experience at ARC is excellent !!!! I like the friendly atmosphere and enormous care which I appreciate very much. I realize that my case ( two surgeries to realign a fractured humerus) was very complicated. My surgeon, told me that I can count only on a limited improvement but I am very pleased to see the determination of Gene to improve my function as much as possible. I am visiting ARC 3 X a week and I cannot imagine better care. I am lucky I found ARC.

— Henryk, client

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