Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics

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Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics

Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics
Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics

Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics

The Fastest Way To Become a Better Athlete!

Due to the Covid-19 crisis we’re currently closed.
We’re located at 79 LEONARD STREET (between Church & Broadway)

ARC Athletics Tribeca is partnering with Parisi Speed School to help make your kids FASTER and more ATHLETIC!

If you want your kids to train with the best sports performance program in the nation, ARC Athletics’ new Parisi Speed School is the place to achieve that goal.

ARC Athletics’ new Parisi Speed School focuses exclusively on Youth Sports Training for ages 7 and up. The Parisi program improves athletic performance and increases confidence with a focus on:

• Total Conditioning
• Speed Training
• Basic Strength Training
• Injury Prevention
• Power Training
• Improved Agility
• Endurance Training
• Self-Confidence

Core Programs:


For all ages, our Game Time Program gets kids off the sofa, off electronics and into having physical fun and getting fit. Young athletes get into the game with an athletic training program that uses the signature Parisi performance training, in a fun and supportive environment.


Helps any young athlete ages 7 to 12 develop an athletic foundation of skills, helping them get faster and stronger to rise above the competition. Our signature speed and strength methods are serious but taught in a way that keeps the athletes motivated and engaged.


For ages 12 to 15, the Parisi signature speed and strength methods produce maximum improvements in athletic performance. Programming is broken down into an individual focus per session: linear speed, change of direction, and strength.


This program, for ages 14 to 22, transitions Total Performance athletes to their next level of ability. At this level, athletes focus on the regression and progression of our signature speed-training methods and individualized strength training.


The Parisi PEAK Program was created for elite athletes who aspire to compete at the collegiate, Olympic or professional level. Delivered in semi-private sessions (maximum of 4 participants), this program identifies the skills that are necessary for an athlete to reach their potential at a specific sport and provides them with the training necessary to help turn potential abilities into actual abilities.

For more information about Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics, email us today!