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Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics


At Parisi Tribeca we offer the best combination of exercise and fitness programs to promote injury resiliency in athletes and accelerating performance in players of all skill levels. We utilize a curriculum based in science and sports psychology to cultivate every athlete’s potential.

We are a team of licensed Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainers, and certified strength and conditioning specialists who understands the value of movement mechanics and the importance of using best practices for ones daily living to remain healthy, and especially when playing a sport.

Co-owners Meg Tyner and Gene Schafer decided to bring the Parisi Speed School franchise to New York City to achieve the following goals:

  1. Teach youth the foundation of proper movement mechanics for linear and multi-directional speed;
  2. To reduce the risk of sports related injuries; and
  3. To train youth to become stronger, faster, and more agile athletes on the field or court.

The Parisi Speed School trains you to win, so come and experience positivity, teamwork, respect, and motivation, all while sweating, smiling, and having fun.

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Gene Schafer & Megan Tyner
Parisi Speed School at ARC Athletics

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